This blog is a place to share my passion for cooking and inspire people to cook more from scratch. With six people in the family, cooking is something that is always on my mind. I want to share some of my favorite foods and recipes and share more about traditional diets (like the kind of food our great, great, great grandmothers would have made). Right now I am fascinated with fermented vegetables, coconuts, seafood with a cerviche twist and organ meats... although maybe not all in the same meal!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolutions in Action

   The ice hit last night and around 4:00 this afternoon we got the “call” from the school district saying that the roads were still too icy so we’ll be home again on Wednesday...arghhh!  We’ve been cooped up since Monday afternoon and in addition to my regular kitchen time I have also been putting in extra kettle duty to make fresh chicken stock to get my oldest son back to health.  So knowing I’ve got another day of trying to make sure all four kids are making at least somewhat productive choices, I knew I could use an energy boost to be ready for all the action.
    I took advantage of the late afternoon warming to get over to the  gym.  It is amazing how refreshed and energized a person can feel after 60 minutes of music and spinning class!  When I went to my first spinning class this summer while on vacation in Colorado, I felt like I’d been hit by a tornado afterwards (the altitude probably didn’t help either).  In any case, tonight I cycled with ease and to me a small sign of progress in my fitness.
    It may seem odd to include the occasional fitness update with a food blog, but not if you consider the goal to be overall health.  I’ve come to realize that you need to do both in order to be “fit.”  You need the good food to have the internal fuel to push your body in exercise and you need the exercise to get the energy to take on making good food.  So get moving and then go make some magic in the kitchen.

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