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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rethinking the Breakfast of Champions

 Why do we Americans eat cereal for breakfast?  Have you ever thought about the millions of dollars advertisers spend to enter your subliminal mind and maybe that’s why you think a “healthy breakfast” must include cereal, milk, juice and toast?  Did you know that breakfast cereal is one of the most heavily advertised products on the planet?  According to the website Cereal F.A.C.T.S. (, cereal companies spend more than $156 millon each year just targeting children and that cereals marketed to children are the least healthy of all.  I would not be surprised if the marketing expenses outweigh the costs of the cereal product itself.
    Are you feeling like a rebel?  How about NOT doing as you were told...step outside of the (cereal) box and think of something else to eat for breakfast.  There are so many wonderful foods that deliver greater nutritional punch than cereal.  Yes, the box might tell you that you are getting a full day of (synthetic) vitamins, but the process of taking grains and heating them to very high temperatures and then molding them into little flakes or circles is not a natural process.  When was the last time you went to a farm and saw Fruit Loops popping up from the ground?
    So I challenge you to another small step forward in breaking free from the industrial food model.  How about laying off the cereal for a week and seeing what other things you can eat for breakfast.  And that brings me back to soup.  If the thought of soup for breakfast makes you go, “eeeww,” then that only serves to show you how powerful the forces of advertising are in that they have created our cultural norms.  There is absolutely no reason not to have soup for breakfast.  If you make the soup yourself from homemade broth, this simple meal will give you real vitamins and minerals, protein and a little fat that will hold you through the morning and let you be able to do champion-level work! 
    I don’t want to leave you alone on your journey so I will list some other ideas beyond soup to get you started and will post several “outside the box” breakfast recipes this coming week to inspire you.  Another simple breakfast would be to take a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and saute’ some onions, a little garlic, sea salt, pepper and then put in something green like spinach, chard or kale and then eat once the kale has softened.  You could drink some plain warm beef or chicken broth (see Bag ‘o Bones Jan 6th post for directions) for a different breakfast.  Later this week I’ll tell you how to make pancakes from just eggs and bananas and share some of my favorite smoothie recipes with you.  So forget what you’ve heard on TV, break free from the crowd and try something NEW for breakfast!  

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