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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rock like Grok

Backwards writing...modern man take notice!
   Let me just say I love my "food friends!"  They are always telling me something fascinating.  Recently, food friend Nancy told me about the book The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.  Sisson writes about the primal man calling him Grok, and compares him to modern man, Korg (Grok spelled backwards).  He uses the comparison between the two to show how far modern man has drifted from the ways of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. 
  While most of his message of eating more like our hunter-gatherer ancestors was not much of a surprise to me, he has an engaging way of telling the story that I think will reach many people.  He's a fan of pasture-raised healthy meat, healthy fats, vegetables and other nuts and berries that our ancestors would have foraged.  We all know cave man was not sitting around eating chips and pizza so on some level I think we can all agree that there is value in looking at how man nourished himself before the advent of industrial food.
  The message that resonated the most to me was his insight about exercise.  As I slowly and steadily work on New Year's resolution number one to tone up more and lose some of the excess Donna, Sisson has some important messages to heed.  Cave man did not run marathon after marathon nor did he spend hours and hours a day "working out."  He spent a lot of time walking as he hunted his prey.  Every now and then he had to run for his life when he became the hunted.  And sometimes he had to lift heavy things.  So he's inspired me to lift some weights, which is not something that I've really done a lot in my life.  I found a "body pump" class at my local gym that has an hour of lifting weights set to music.  While I think Sisson would say maybe an hour is too much, I like that someone else is telling me what to do and so the time moves very fast for me.  If I tried to do this on my own, I wouldn't try as hard.  I am also trying to sprint a little every now and then.  Yesterday I found myself in downtown Raleigh for a chess tournament for my kids and I decided to take a half hour to go for a jog outside.  I may have been a sight to see on the Fayetteville Mall, but this middle-aged momma was running bursts of big sprints in between my nice leisurely jogging pace.  I think several of the street vendors found it to be an amusing side show.  Sisson also talks about other very important keys to health that I think we often overlook such as something as simple as getting enough sleep.  We don't do our bodies any favors when we work out when we are tired and steal exercise from getting a full night's sleep.  If I have any early workouts, I make sure I am in bed early enough to still get 8 or more hours of sleep.  Our bodies cannot repair and heal if we deprive ourselves of basic rest.  He also talks about staying at 100 carbs/day or less if you want to lose weight and that up to 150 carbs/day will give you good weight maintenance.  Anything over 150 carbs/day is a recipe for weight gain and an express path to poor health.  And he also talks about the importance of play, which is something we adults sometimes forget to do.  You can follow some of Mark's advice and see some of his delicious recipes at his web site
After you read more about his point of view, maybe you'll want to rock like Grok too!

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