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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make Friends with your Farmers!

Just a quick post today to give you the link to the blog at Emerson Farm.  My friend Mary Beth has done AMAZING work with the biodynamic garden at the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill and I see that she has put my blog on her link for recipe ideas.  Well the first rule of cooking is that you have to have good ingredients and the best way to do that is to go right to the farm!  So I want to return the favor and link back to her garden blog.  This garden has some great produce.  I can still taste the lovely sorrel that I had in the garden last year.. and even more fantastic is that my kids LOVED the sorrel too!  I have been there several times and just connecting today is a good reminder that I need to make more time to get out and help more often.  I wish every child could experience this garden... and every adult too... as it takes the best of community gardening to a new level by following biodynamic practices.  This is a great example of how we need to be in community.  Farmers and cooks need each other to blossom to our fullest potential.  So here's to you, Emerson Farm!  Thank you for growing such wonderful, healthy food and for sharing this gift with our community.

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  1. That's so true! I work at the farmers' market actually, and I love knowing the farmers, knowing where my food came from. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog (: yay for real food!