This blog is a place to share my passion for cooking and inspire people to cook more from scratch. With six people in the family, cooking is something that is always on my mind. I want to share some of my favorite foods and recipes and share more about traditional diets (like the kind of food our great, great, great grandmothers would have made). Right now I am fascinated with fermented vegetables, coconuts, seafood with a cerviche twist and organ meats... although maybe not all in the same meal!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Minute of Kraut Making: An unfiltered look

(watch in full screen if possible as there are some small fonts on the video)

If a picture tells a thousand words, a video should reveal even more and hopefully be a jump start for visual learners who want to take a peek at the kraut-making process.  I just happened to be making some sauerkraut this week (doesn't everybody?) and without any plan in mind, I asked the kids to take some video of the process just to give you a better idea of what is involved.  There's even a few comments from the peanut gallery.... that would be my kids who love teasing their mom about her unusual food habits.  Of course they don't know this yet, but some day they are going to thank me for giving them all this healthy food!  The filming is not perfect, I didn't dress up my work area or have a big production plan, I just wanted to show you that making kraut isn't as hard as it seems.  Essentially you chop up a bunch of vegetables, add some salt and squeeze the salt/veggie mix until you get a lot of liquid releasing from the veggies.  You can put this in a jar, or in my case, a crock, and then you just let nature take its course.  If we wait for the house to be perfect, or all the perfect equipment or ingredients, we will miss the chance to just get better at making kraut by doing it.  Every time I ferment something I learn a little more and I experiment with different herbs and flavors to come up with new kraut variations.  Go ahead and chop up some veggies and add some salt and see what happens!
After a long day of making kraut, go out and celebrate at your favorite German restaurant!

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