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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I "TRI" ed it... and I Liked it!

As we approach the warm weather season and the mid year point, it is a good time to think back to my New Year's Resolutions for the year.... one of which was to sweat more often and improve my overall fitness level.  I also wanted to lose a few pounds.

So one thing I did this weekend was a great nod to the above.... I finished my first ever Triathlon... Ramblin Rose Triathlon hosted by Endurance Magazine.    I call it a "sensible triathlon" in that the distances were pretty reasonable... 225 yds (9 laps) of swimming, 9 miles of biking and 2 miles of running.  While I initially decided to enter this about 6 weeks ago and was thinking that my goal was just to finish it, I'm now thinking I should set my goals a little higher because I did better than I expected.  The thing that I am proudest of from the whole event is how much energy I still had at the end of the race.  My run time for the last two miles was the 19th best time out of the 111 women competing in my age group!  

And the thing I credit for that is my diet.  Instead of eating fake goop during the race, I had two pastured eggs and fresh biodynamic spinach cooked in coconut ghee a few hours before the race along with a banana and some coconut water just prior to my event.  I was running on real fuel and I think that helped me from feeling any kind of stomach upset or cramps during the race.  When I was training, I was running 10 minute miles so I was really surprised to see those times when I looked at the final race stats!  

I can say for certain I am fitter than I was 6 months ago.  There's no way I could have done this Triathlon as well several months ago and I have noticed that my clothes fit better and that I seem to be more "toned."  I also read about the Liberation Wellness diet and started to incorporate those principles into my diet as well.  If you click on the Liberation Wellness site in the previous sentence, you can see me post as a guest blogger for Kevin's site from time to time also.  I encourage you to read Kevin's book to gain more insight into his message.  He advocates eating REAL food but allowing more time between meals which is possible when you fuel up on sustaining food.  Even though my weight loss efforts seem to be at a stall for the moment, I am still seeing good progress overall.  I've lost over 5 inches from my waist and hips and my body fat dropped over two percentage points.  It is good to measure things beyond pounds because pounds don't tell the full story. 

I must say it was quite a kick to be in "competition."  It made me feel younger and more alive to be outside cycling on a beautiful day and to be running and swimming as well.  I'm glad I took on this challenge!

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