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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Bounty-full Breakfast

First, I should say hello again as I've taken a bit of a summer break for the past few weeks.  I think it was the summer trips and having my kids underfoot all summer long that I almost seemed to have lost my way to the computer!  Or maybe it is that they have been making movies and on the computer lots instead.  Whatever the case, at least I have lots more Vitamin D after spending so much time outdoors!  

Today I seem ready to share another summer impromptu meal.  I have a ton swirling in my head, I just have to get to the computer to record them.  Thanks to my great CSA box from Farmer Jon at Infinity Farm, I have no shortage of fabulous summer veggies to work with!
Diced veggies before meeting their egg partner for breakfast!

As I looked at what to eat for breakfast this morning, I saw all my veggies from yesterday's farm pickup.  I thought why not start the day with some of these extra vegetables so I started dicing away.  There was fresh garlic, zucchini, peppers, basil, tomatoes and I also added some roasted beets.  Once I sautee'd all those veggies in coconut ghee, I added two pasture raised eggs to make a simple veggie scrambled eggs dish.

Scrambled Veggie Eggs!
I finished the dish off with some goat cheese and ate a very satisfying and energy-packing morning breakfast!  Simple, fast, tasty and most importantly, great for you!

A girl can dream... perhaps one day my kids will think this is a fab breakfast too and will join me.  Until then, I am thankful that they do eat generally good things for breakfast just not as adventurously as their mom.

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