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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turning back Time...

So today's "food" post turns out to be more about fitness, but it is related to food also because I am learning how to be a more conscious eater.

Around last summer it kind of hit me that there was a bad little trend on the horizon.... One where I seem to weigh my age plus 100.  Now this equation worked out just fine in my teens and twenties and was sort of OK in my thirties too.  But when I realized the trend was continuing into my 40's it kind of hit me that this could get ugly in the next few decades if I don't stop the trend.  I suppose I've been lucky in that I really have never worried about my weight for most of my life and I've never really done any funky diets that damaged my body.

But as I said, the 40's have been a different story and I decided last summer that I needed to make some changes.  I actually started going to a gym regularly and I started to think more about when and what I was eating.  The 9 pm trip to the fridge for a tablespoon of peanut butter with a sprinkling of chocolate chips, the mindless eating of a wad of cheese just for opening the fridge.... well these were things I knew I had to change if I wanted to see any results on the scale.  And I will say change comes, but not always as fast as you want.  But if you keep doing the right things for long enough, I think the change does come eventually.

I have now lost about 15 pounds since last summer and lost some body fat and gained muscle too.  A big breakthrough for me this week is that when I stepped on the scale today, the tens digit was a 2 as in I could officially say that my weight is in the 120's... never mind that it is barely true.... give me time to fix that!  But it is a big breakthrough nonetheless because that puts me back to the weight I had in my twenties.  

I feel like a huge shift happened on our most recent vacation.... normally it is just hard not to gain about 5 pounds when you drive almost twenty hours across the country in two days and then spend a quiet week visiting family.  Especially when you are in new places and there are chocolate treats in every new store and restaurant that call out your name like a siren song as you sleep....  But not this time.  I didn't reach for the chocolate treats!  I didn't snack in the car!  I kind of put a plan together for meals to eat on the trip... things like canned oysters and my homemade sauerkraut and I drank some green tea to give me a little boost.  But no in between meal snacking!  Which I repeat that when you spend 10+ hours in a car is very hard to do!

And this vacation I made it a priority to keep up my regular exercise schedule which it turns out I really enjoy!  And the reward for keeping up these good habits is that I lost 1 and 1/2 pounds on my trip away even while still managing to have a few scrumptious desserts at the end of meals (I think it is best to indulge at your lunch meal because your body has more time to deal with it).  I just didn't eat snacks and didn't eat after 8 pm but otherwise I enjoyed great, REAL food and did allow myself a dessert every few days.  

So to all out there in cyber land I say keep doing the right things and I think you will see results at some point.  It has taken me a year to make this much progress so don't expect huge changes immediately if you want to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime.  I'd still like to get my BMI down a few more points just for safe keeping, so I intend to keep on keeping on and doing the right things!  I wish for you, too, to turn back your body in time!

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