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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apples Elevated to High Art

Our Baked Apple with Molasses Cookie
In my Natural Healthy Chef Cooking classes, I've been getting all kinds of great ideas about how to take ordinary foods and elevate them to a new level.  This baked apple dessert that we prepared for last week's Farm to Table Dinner is a great example!

We started with Granny Smith apples and cut them in half, cored out the seeds with a melon ball tool and used a paring knife to trim the edges.  We then put a pat of butter in the middle of each apple, added some nut based strudel (which really could be a mix of anything you like), added some cinnamon, maple syrup and  just let them bake in the oven.  After about 40 minutes, the apples just melt in your mouth and the toppings mix together to make a fabulous sauce.  

When you carefully plate the apple and add a molasses cookie, you've created a work of art!  A little whipped cream wouldn't hurt if you have some handy too.

You could even start this just before you start to serve dinner and chances are good that you'll have an impressive fall dessert that will wow your dinner companions.  It could work on a weekday or be elevated to even higher levels if you plan it with a fancy dinner as well.  If you stick to nuts and the maple syrup for the topping, you can have a gluten free dessert if you ditch the cookie or make a gluten free cookie instead.  Switching the butter to coconut oil will make it a vegan dessert if you are looking for that option.  

Go ahead and play with all the options as you find the perfect masterpiece to end your fall dinners!

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