This blog is a place to share my passion for cooking and inspire people to cook more from scratch. With six people in the family, cooking is something that is always on my mind. I want to share some of my favorite foods and recipes and share more about traditional diets (like the kind of food our great, great, great grandmothers would have made). Right now I am fascinated with fermented vegetables, coconuts, seafood with a cerviche twist and organ meats... although maybe not all in the same meal!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 in Food, Fitness, Faith and Folly

I think I've been stalling writing my goals for this year because this is primarily a blog about my journey in FOOD.  But it is also a soulful journey for me.  And so from time to time a bit more of me than just food pops up which may be more than you want if you are coming here just for my recipes and food sharing tips. 

This low key post will be my compass for the year; a bit of a preview, if you will, on the things I am likely to explore for the coming year.  As I shared in my last post, I felt there was something powerful about putting these private thoughts "out there" because they hold me accountable.

So here goes....

  1. Make weekly menu planning part of my routine:  The reasons for this are many-- when I don't plan, I end up making lots of extra grocery trips and those "I just stopped in for bananas and beef" trips end up being "how did I just spend $100?" trips?  I know that eating well does cost money-- but better planning may be a budget tamer.  I also think it will help me get better at understanding my food costs so that if I decide to become a personal chef or do some professional food work that I will have a better handle on understanding what things actually cost.  
  2. Drop my body fat % another 3% points and get my thighs 1.5 inches slimmer on each side and lose 5 more pounds:  I made so much progress last year on the fitness side and I want to keep building on my good habits.  The way I plan to achieve this is by continuing to challenge myself in workouts doing more of the cross-fit type workouts and also by continuing to look for new exercise adventures.  I am giving serious thought to doing a military style mud run in a few months because it scares me a little and I think I need to keep pushing my comfort zone to get stronger both physically and mentally.
  3. Become a fermentation Guru!  I have an online class that I have signed up for on fermentation and I should be learning to make ketchup, mustard other condiments, more fermented drinks, vegetables... you name it!  So any time I get the chance to explore the wild side of fermentation, I am going to do it.  In culinary school they talk all the time about the TDZ... the temperature danger zone of being 41 - 135 degrees which is the temperature range where bacteria grow the fastest.  There is something ironic about the fact that this "fear" area is also the same area that can enhance the nutritional content of food through the cultivation of beneficial bacteria.   
  4. Feel all the things I need to feel:  This one probably sounds a little "new agey" or something.  It stems from the wisdom that came from losing 20 pounds last year-- in some ways losing the weight is the easy part (and yet it was no picnic), if that makes any sense.  When you detoxify your body, you also need to do the difficult inner work to detoxify yourself of your own fears and weaknesses or at least learn to accept yourself more fully in spite of these weaknesses.  This is important work but not always fun.  Many people never go here and maybe for some that is a valid option.  But I am feeling like it is the only path to true growth.  So I hope to spend more time this year reflecting inward in my own spiritual journey.
  5. Have more food, in life, in everything! I have a passion for food that heals and I want to have more fun enjoying that myself and sharing it with people I care about.  I want to carry this into all aspects of my life... and that might mean enjoying reading more stories aloud with my kids or laughing more or whatever... but for my food blog I hope to convey my love of the joy of making new creations and sharing FUN food adventures!
 So there you have it... these are some of the places I hope to "visit" this year and would be honored if you come along for some of the ride! 

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