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Monday, January 16, 2012

Salmon worth Swimming Upstream For!

I just want to give a quick shout out to the The Wild Salmon Company and my farmer friend Jon Lyerly who hooked me up with the most amazing salmon I've ever had!

I can't say that I did anything terribly fabulous with it... I just broiled it and made a simple butter/garlic and herb sauce that I drizzled on top and let it glow over a glorious green garden medley.  I'm still in a green phase so I had some asparagus, lettuce, sauteed kale, and a diced green and red pepper salad with avacado.

But my point is that you don't really have to do anything "special" with food this good.  Fabulous food is just, well, fabulous!  You don't always have to slave with hundreds of ingredients and special techniques.  

Somehow once you start to care about food all of a sudden these people just "appear" in your life.  I've been friends with farmer Jon for many years now and he's been a special food influence in my life because he introduced me to biodynamic agriculture.  So when he told me that one of his friends had some salmon that she had caught over the summer and would be selling it, I knew I wanted some.  I didn't even know the exact price (although it turned out to be very reasonably priced) but I trust Jon and his food knowledge and I just knew it would be something I would enjoy.  

I was not disappointed.  Just like the Saturday Night Live Skit, it was "like buttah."  Just melt in your mouth, flake into perfection, full of flavor, fall into dreaminess... wonderful.  Nothing at all like the farm raised or color injected substances that sometimes are passed of as Salmon.  It should not even have the same name as farm raised salmon, because Heidi's salmon was absolutely DIVINE.  

I don't know Heidi personally, but I feel like I know her a bit better after looking at her web page.  And I'd like to know her better.  She's a cool lady.  She's been an Alaskan fisherwoman for over twenty years and went out on boats for years with her dad and now has her own operation.  I like her for her sense of adventure, for her love of nature, for her dedication to sustainable fishing practices.  I like her because she reminds me that you can make a living doing the things you believe in.  That life is not easy, but a life worth living is going to have some difficulty and struggle in it.  

When I "meet" cool people like this, it inspires me to be the best "Me" that I can be.  I hope you'll be inspired to learn more about Heidi's salmon and also to just pay more attention to getting to know all the suppliers of the food you consume.  It is an immensely rewarding process that changes you for the better once you start paying more attention.  So thank you, all the "Heidi's" and "Jon's" of the world for caring about the food you harvest and produce and for doing it with integrity. 

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