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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The power of putting your intentions "out there."

Today marks my 1 year "anniversary" as a blogger!  I started my first post with a list of five goals for the past year and I when I went back to look at them, I realized that I did accomplish most of them.  In some cases I exceeded my goals.  Before I can put my new goals out there, I feel like I need to express some gratitude for the people who helped me this past year and reflect on what I have learned in the process.

So, in abbreviated form, here's what I put "out there" for last year:
  1. Lose 10 pounds-- did this and more.  Lost about 15- 20 pounds in last yr and saw body fat % drop by about 1/3. What worked for me was saying it to others, finding a supportive gym community (thanks all the peeps at O2 Fitness! And the body pump and pilates crew.  And thanks Kat for believing in me during some personal training sessions early in the year), continuing to find some new challenge to shake things up when I hit a plateau (Thanks Ramblin Rose and the two triathlons that I did but would never have thought I could do!, Dr. Stew and Total Body Fitness, Terrance and bootcamp), the midnight run ladies (you know who you are... the fun faces I meet at the corner really early when it is still dark and push me to run when I sometimes would rather be sleeping!) and really walking the eating walk of putting the right foods into my body (Thanks Dr. Cowan for suggesting Liberation Diet, and thanks Kevin Brown for your encouragement also).
  2. Keep learning about traditional food preparation-- because this is not as "measurable" a goal, it is hard to say but I count this as a "win" because I keep doing that every day.  I had no idea that I would start in the Natural Chef Program at Central Carolina Community College this past year, but because I knew I was looking for ways to strengthen my culinary skills, it just felt right to jump in when I found out about the program.  I also kept learning on my own to cook healthier and do that every day.
  3. Eat More GreensI know, also not terribly "measurable" but I DID eat more greens this past year.  And I did get the Vitamix that I wanted... (thanks to my husband for getting it for me for my birthday :) and I have to say that I use that thing every day...multiple times.  I started adding more pureed greens to smoothies, to soups, to meatloaf; you just never know where you will find greens lurking!  Even Kale Chips! which turned out to be one of my most read blogs of the year.  I have even made some progress in getting my kids to eat a bit more greens so I am counting this as a "win" also.
  4. Eat More Oysters:  I made several trips to Squid's during happy Oyster hour last year and I have added putting canned oysters on salads in a pinch when I need some protein.  I am laughing out loud as I write this because I totally forgot about this goal until now and just realized that maybe that was part of why I was drawn to try those Rocky Mountain Oysters!
  5. Keep the Crock Crankin'And yes, I did that also.  There are times, like right now, when my crock is empty and so I have not achieved all I wanted, but I made many, many batches of kraut this year and enjoyed both eating and sharing these with friends so I'm going to say 4.5 out of the 5 goals set for the year.

I don't think I would have had that success if not for this blog and putting those "intentions" out there.  So if you are one of the 4,000 hits that came to my blog this past year, Thank YOU for helping me!  I hope that somehow by sharing some of my story, I might be able to help others as well.  That's what really motivates me and brings meaning to this reflection.

I'd like to inspire anyone who has read this far to find a way to be good stewards of the gifts that God has given them and use them to help others.  It helps to write some of our goals down--some stretch goals and some most likely to be attainable with some effort on our part.  While it is good to be as measurable as we can in stating our goals, it is also ok to just note an interest area and then be open to new opportunities as they arise. 

So now that I have expressed my gratitude, I feel ready to write my  2012 goals but I think I just wrote a post already!  I'd rather savor the lessons of 2011 and I will put my 2012 intentions in my next blog post!  I know you are too!  Hope you'll journey some more with me in 2012!

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  1. Congratulations on making it through this first year! Our sites birthday is coming up in a few months and I've begun thinking about our upcoming goals too. It sounds like our blogs have a lot in common, I look forwarding to hearing more from you :)

    Aubrey @ Homegrown & Healthy: