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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Cleansing Lunch

Sprouted Rice, shredded veggies, spinach and herbs in a light honey mustard sauce
First of all, apologies again for being away so long.  Life has a way of getting in the way of my love of sharing my food adventures and I then I feel like I have to deliver something extraordinary as a treat to bring you back.  I don't know if this is worthy enough, but here's what's on my mind today.

I am joyful that it is the Easter season!  But I feel like I've been a day late and a dollar short all Lent so I am not surprised that I find myself today, the day after Easter, on day 5 of my 8 days without meat.  I am listening more to the intuitive healer within myself and I knew I wanted to do a cleanse that I'd heard both my chiropractor/boot camp drill sergeant and holistic doctor say good things about over the past year.  Somehow I just didn't get to it until the end of Lent.  Last night I dreamed about a big juicy steak so I can see that I don't have it in me to be a long term vegan!

However, it is always good to shake things up a bit because life is constantly moving forward whether we want it to or not.  And it is good to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  So, I, Donna, the unabashed enjoyer of organ meats and other unmentionables and flesh of all kinds, is taking a respite from the demands of carnevore-dom.   It has me inspired to eat more of the vegetables that I also love and today I came up with a pretty tasty rendition of a rice veggie salad that I think is worth a blog post.

Sprouted Rice, Veggie and Greens Salad

2 cups sprouted brown rice
6 organic carrots grated
2 organic turnips grated
2 organic, biodynamic (if available) radishes grated
1/2 cup diced organic cilantro
3 cups organic diced spinach
1 biodynamic leek diced
sea salt/pepper to taste
dash of tumeric, oregano and any other herbs that caught my fancy

honey/mustard dressing

1/4 cup lemon juice (or so)
2 TBS dijon mustard
1 TBS honey (I know not on my cleanse but it will be a fragment in my one serving)
3/4 cup olive oil (or so)
sea salt/pepper to taste
1 TBS flax seed oil


Prepare rice per instructions.  The reason I am so excited about the sprouted rice is that you don't have to soak it further before cooking because the sprouting releases more nutrients already.  You can read more about the Benefits of sprouted rice from this link.  But if you don't want to click I will just repeat here that they report that GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) is prevalent in sprouted rice and the Planet Rice folks say "it is an amino acid found in common everyday health foods, such as peaches, green snap beans, and rice. GABA also exists in people and works as a neurotransmitter that nutrition studies show provide a number of health benefits: Lowers anxiety, increases the sleep cycle giving deeper rest, lowers blood pressure, and improves other cardiovascular functions.  The germination process adds a variety of nutrients through the activation of dormant enzymes,while also softening the bran layer.The rice kernel is germinated until the flavor and nutritional benefits are maximized. Subsequently, the germination process is interrupted and the kernel moisture is reduced to pre-germination levels, preserving the nutritional benefits. Germinated / sprouted brown rice has four times the GABA content of regular rice, and over ten times the GABA of white rice!"

While the rice is cooking, shred the carrots, turnips, radishes and cut up all the greens.  I did a quick saute' on the spinach and leeks but put all the other shredded veggies in a bowl.  I mixed the honey mustard dressing with the shredded veggies.

To serve, I plated the brown rice first, then added the saute' of greens next and then finally placed the shredded veggie mix that had the honey mustard dressing on it. 

I find that I am savoring the taste and textures of fresh vegetables as I allow myself to indulge in them more fully during this first part of my cleanse.  I find it is giving me clarity and vitality that one would not expect and I felt like I still had more in the tank after my 3 or so mile run this morning so I take that as a sign good things are brewing.  Regardless of what your food preferences are, I encourage YOU to shake up whatever your routine is and notice what happens.  If you try this rice/veggie salad, I hope it revitalizes you, too!

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