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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bacon Pesto Sprouted rice "Sushi"

Today I was in a playful mood experimenting with some raw food projects and it got close to lunch time.  I just finished making some bacon for my kids' pesto BLT's and the idea just hit me.

Why not take that Nori that I have in the pantry and the sprouted rice that I'm making for dinner and just have some fun?   Nori is a good source of fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins and also a great iodine source.  It's always a good thing to find a way to put more green vegetables into our diets.

I cooked some turnip greens and kale in the bacon grease that remained in the skillet and then laid a nori sheet flat on a cutting board.  I then scooped in some sprouted rice, crumbled bacon, cooked greens and pesto and rolled it up to make a fun little sushi roll.  I cut the roll into little bites and then arranged them on the plate before quickly gobbling them all up.

Bacon Pesto Sprouted Rice "Sushi" rolls

Nori sheets (one sheet makes about four "pieces" of sushi)
1 cup sprouted cooked rice
2 TBS pesto (homemade is preferred)
3 - 4 slices of cooked bacon crumbled
1 cup of cooked greens (your choice-- today I had kale and turnip greens) sauteed in bacon fat

Put nori sheet on a flat surface and add scoops of rice, greens and bacon along with the pesto and then roll up as tightly as possible (I think my sushi wrapping skills need some work...) and then slice into thin strips.

I'm excited because I had lots of greens in a new way.  This and an absolutely gorgeous Wednesday with clear blue skies and low humidity is enough to make my day!

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